Twentycents - Sneaky
於是台灣K9與馬來西亞Tsubaki兩家設計公司共同創辦 Twentycents.
Sneaky 誕生於名為TK的星球中,由於太空科技的發達,從小就喜歡搭著飛船四處冒險、探索宇宙。也因此他非常勇敢、有好奇心,直到他來到了名為地球的星球,地球有非常多有趣的地方,甚至有地球人非常熱情的送他一頂帽子,從那時起他決定停留於此,打算努力探索地球的美好。

In 2020, due to the pandemic, many plans have changed drastically. We asked ourselves what we could do or learn. Our imagination has kept us going and we thought about making a designer product to commemorate our friendship. The name is 20 Cents and 20 Cents is all of us going through a passage of life and growing with each milestone. The new year is coming, and we wish for a great and meaningful transformation of life for everyone.
It was secretly born in the planet of TK. Due to the development of space technology, he liked to take a spaceship to venture around and explore the universe since he was a child. Therefore, he was very brave and curious, until he came to the planet of the earth, there are so many interesting places on the earth, and even some people on the earth gave him a hat very enthusiastically, and since then he decided to stay here, Plan to work hard to explore the beauty of the earth.

Twentycents 的品牌詳細內容及概念將在下一階完整呈現給大家。
Detail brand info will release soon...

Toy info:
High : 10CM
Limited to 200 pieces Worldwide
Available to ship on Q1,2021

Design by Tsubaki KL Jay & K9 Design Kevin

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