在澳洲藍帶學習甜點,一步一步朝著夢想前進 分享來自澳洲藍帶學習甜點的過程生活、旅行。
提出了一個簡單的概念,即通過設計推出品牌形象並捕捉年輕市場。 透過包裝腰帶燙印呈現質感,點亮整個視覺,產品背後的將純粹、簡單的重要性放大。白色與藍色為主要顏色,呈現單純清新的質感。
為實現這目標,我們使用Original Arjowiggins 英國系列的紙張。

A boy who likes to make desserts, dreams of opening a dessert shop of his own style.
In the Le Cordon Bleu – Australia (LCB), step by step toward the dream. Share the process life and travel from the Australian LCB to learn dessert.
The brand image and position the design in “pure”.
A simple concept was proposed to introduce a brand image through design and capture the young market. The texture is printed through the belt and the whole vision is illuminated, and the importance behind the product is pure and simple. White and blue are the main colors, giving a pure and fresh texture.
Communicate people's pursuit of modern and simple imagery.
To achieve our goal, we decide to use the Original Arjowiggins UK series type of paper. For the finishing details, we decided to using Hot Stamping. A package that allows customers to feel exquisite and textured when they receive it.
Creative Director | Kevin Lin
Designer | Ya Fei Yang
Photographer | Ya Fei Yang
Paper | 長瑩國際股份有限公司、濬宇
Print | 金彩包裝
Client | Bigboy Pâtisserie 大男孩的甜點夢
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