Taiwan Graphic Design Exhibition 國際平面設計展主視覺

而今年也是高雄市創意廣告協會 30周年,華人文化有著30歲能自立於世(學有所成)的觀念。
In a globalized environment, we influence each other and gather international designers and designers to exhibit together in Taiwan
With "love" as the theme, we radiate the energy of love together.
This year is also the 30th anniversary of the Kaohsiung Creative Advertising Association. The Chinese culture has the concept of being able to stand on its own (successful in learning) at the age of 30.
30 years old represents a journey, not only the career, family, life, but more responsibility.
We have "posted" our thoughts and conveyed the meaning of commitment. Hope that you and I can all turn this responsibility into motivation at this stage.

專案類型 Type | 平面 Graphic 
專案年份 Year | 2021
客戶 Client | 高雄市廣告創意協會KCA
製作單位 Production | K9 Design​​​​​​​
商業攝影 Photographer | Férguson

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