Mid-Autumn Festival is an important traditional festival in Chinese culture, and it has a place in people's hearts. At the same time, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also a reunion day. People will come back with cake as a souvenir to their homes to eat, reunite, and visit relatives and friends. They also eat certain foods related to the moon and reunion. These foods are also used for worship. For example, Chinese (Han), Vietnamese (Jing), and Ryukyu people all have the custom of eating moon cakes.
With such a demand, competition between packaging and publicity among the major cake shops is intense. Over the years now, we have seen many packaging designs emerging one after another. Each brand tries to reach a different type of design to increase sales.
One of our customers - Taiwan's engaged by making pastry and sales that require a packaging design that is "unique" for its products. We propose a non-traditional Chinese concept that is designed to launch its own packaging design and to enhance the Chinese market as well as the young market. 
The packaging vision is drawn by the elemental analysis of the solar system, which constitutes a simple and powerful message that constitutes the importance of “the gift from the distant universe” as “precious” behind the product. Gold and platinum are the main colors of the package, to bring out the vision of exudes modern, artistic and humorous images.
We aim to position the package between quality and collectibles. To achieve the goal, we decide to used metal-like paper under Arjowiggings' and Alchemy collection. As a finishing detail, we decided to use hot stamping to add layers to certain areas of the box. For each product, it has its particularity, so different boxes have different colors of paper to distinguish the difference between the products so the design of the product can be delivered and quickly identify.
Sun is vital to humans. The circulation of the Earth's atmosphere, day and night and the rotation of the four seasons, the changes in the earth's become warmth are the result of the Sun's reaction, and the sunlight is also the main source of the earth's energy. Symbolizing hope and warmth, connecting the egg yolks in the pastry with the Sun represents the warmest light that illuminates our friendship.
Most meteoroids will collapse when they enter the atmosphere. It is estimated that there are still about 500 meteorites as small 
as marbles falling into the ground every year. However, only a very small number of meteorites will be found to fall and be known by scientists and to be found. The connection between the taro filling and the meteorite represents the most precious and rare, and is given to the most important cockroaches.
Creative Director | Kevin Lin
Designer | Kevin Lin,Robert Yang
Photographer | Férguson Chang
Paper | 長瑩國際股份有限公司
Print | 金彩包裝
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