SNEAKY's Brand Development

We never thought designer toys has market – but Sneaky proved us wrong – with its creation, it was already generating interest from many customers, collectors or non-collectors alike. By introducing our design studio as the pulling factor to attract customer’s attention and capture their interest, Sneaky’s sales took off the moment it was officially launched. Toy collectors feel Sneaky is a unique designer toy – and within a day, we are able to sell up to 10 Sneaky toys, with purchases being made by customers hailing mainly from Europe and U.S. 

Because of its unique, pioneering spirit and outlook, Sneaky is an inspiring project – one that has sparked new enthusiasm in young designers to branch out in new ways towards novel creative projects. Avid toy collectors are also able to increase the variety and add another original designer item to their cherished collection – we would like to think that we have given them the reason to collect more of Sneaky’s merchandises in the future too!

By releasing this product, we are setting an example to graphic designers. It is that doing what no one else is doing should be inspiring and put to good use – in this case, by creating something new that comes from your own imagination. It is hoped that the birth of Sneaky opens up a new platform which encourages and inspires the rest of the world to believe that passion can lead the way to many possibilities. 

Most toys that are available in the market are too colourful or tend to have very complicated clash of colours. Sneaky’s design soul is fully inspired by graphic design ideals – and it is carefully crafted to reflect such ideals by having basic geometrical shapes, as well as basic colours. It is Sneaky’s special identity: minimalistic, yet futuristic and unconventional at the same time.

In our attempt at pinning its concept of usability, we think that this product is more than just a designer toy that enlivens a space – it also must be engaging, foster a sense of imagination, and invite creativity.

Creative Director / Jay Lim
Designer / Penny Yang & Esther Lim
Photographer / whitehand
Toy Design / Jay Lim & Kevin Lin
Printing / Hasuriso Risograph

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