Sneaky tee is a debut designer streetwear designed to be trendy and appealing to the young and stylish; its sleek and simple design a testimony to the Sneaky brand.

Available in black colour with two sizes: M and L, Sneaky tee is a unisex branded clothing. The designer tee comes in a unique “cake box” packaging with a printed cover. The packaging is exclusive and different as the printed cover was printed using risograph printing technique – a current and modern art of vintage printing that has vivid colours and is environmentally friendly. The risograph-printed cover was the result of collaboration with Hasuriso.

Sneaky has its fashion label printed out in the form of Sneaky designer toy, and as can be seen from the two featured male and female models, the Sneaky tee has a logo of Sneaky designer toy on the front, with the word ‘Sneaky’ stretched on the back of the shirt. Contemporary and sophisticated, Sneaky tee is sure to bring your fashion statement up a notch higher!  

Creative Director / Jay Lim
Designer / Penny Yang & Esther Lim
Photographer / Allisamazing
Toy Design / Jay Lim & Kevin Lin
Models / Manfred & Amanda C
Makeup Artist / Asaki Y
Printing / Hasuriso Risograph

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