SHI BING|拾餅 Packaging Design
Checkerboard Cookie is a simple handmade cookies made with 2 different flavoured cookie dough. The dough is cut into strips arranged in a grid of any size. This inspire fun and creativity into the process of baking. The overall visual is presented in grids and the colour of packaging is inspired by the tone of the actual cookies. The use of solid material for the packaging is to express sincerity and thoughtfulness; topped off with delicate texture to soften the overall roughness. The idea is to manifest the feeling of generosity when recipient make contact with the packaging. Therefore, the gift is able to portray unique characteristics and personalities. The exterior adopts matt surface gold foil hot stamping to further emphasise on the visual presentation of the checker box concept. Fine art paper is utilised in this packaging design in order to allow the tactile feeling to improve the overall impression of the product. The aesthetic impression is also supported by the gold ribbon added on the packaging. In order to let people have a tactile feeling and improve the overall perfect texture, fine art paper is selected on paper and the sticky box method of hardcover box is used to create a delicate aesthetic feeling with the ribbon pulling rope.

Creative Director | Wei-Cheng Lin
Designer | Wei-Cheng Lin​​​​​​​
Print | Wei-Cheng Lin
Photographer | Férguson Chang

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