Topgoal Catalogue 2021 拓高建築型錄

拓高集團控股有限公司(Top Goal Holdings Company Limited)位於香港,旗下香港、澳門和廣州的子公司經營和銷售各種室內外建築裝飾材料,包括廚房設備、無縫人造石、 石英石和瓷磚等產品。
近幾年中港兩地各類工程對進囗高端櫥櫃和廚房配套產品的需求越來越大,因此除了代理日本高端系統櫥櫃及歐美知名石英石品牌之外,也代理來自歐美各類型廚房配件,務求在最好的時機, 把最好的產品和服務引進到最合適的市場。
Top Goal Holdings Company Limited) located in Hong Kong, its subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou operate and selling a variety of indoor/outdoor building decoration materials including kitchen equipment, seamless artificial stone, quartz stone, ceramic tile, etc products.
In recent years, China and Hong Kong have various projects that required a lot of imported high-end cabinets and kitchen equipment. Therefore, in addition to acting as the agent for Japanese high-end system cabinets and European and American well-known quartz stone brands, we also act as agents for various types of kitchen accessories from Europe and the United States. To get this opportunity, we strive to introduce the best product and services to the most appropriate market. 
We have been commissioned to carry out the design for the 2020 catalog of the group. So we will be introducing “quality of life” as the image concept, as well as rearranging all the designs to produce a catalog which is different compared to the traditional catalog from other construction companies.

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