中秋節是中華文化圈的一個重要的傳統節日,在人們的心中佔有一席之地。同時中秋節也是一家團圓的日子,人們都會帶著糕餅回到家中一起吃飯、團聚,並拜訪親友。也會吃特定的食品,不少都與月亮、團圓有關,這些食品同時也是祭月的祭品,如華人(漢族)、越南人(京族)、琉球人都有吃月餅的習俗。 有了這樣的需求,各大餅舖之間就包裝和宣傳上競爭激烈。多年來,我們已經看到許多包裝設計層出不窮。每個品牌試圖達到不同的設計以利銷售。​​​​​​​我們的客戶之一 – 台灣從事糕餅製作和銷售需要一種包裝設計,這種設計是其產品的“獨一無二”。我們提出了一個非傳統中式的概念,即通過設計推出自己的包裝設計並捕捉西方思維的現代和年輕的中國市場。  包裝視覺以太陽系的元素分析所繪製,構成整個視覺的傳達了一個簡單而有力的信息,即產品背後的將“來自遙遠宇宙的禮物”視為“珍貴”的重要性。金與鉑是該包裝的主要顏色,因為我們相信這個視覺散發出人們現代,藝術和有點幽默的意象。 我們主要是想將包裝定位為優質商品和收藏品之間。為實現這一目標,我們在Arjowiggings的Alchemy系列下使用了仿金屬的紙張。作為精加工細節,我們決定使用燙印在箱子的某些區域增加層次。為了每個產品別都有它的特殊性,因此不同盒子都有不同的顏色紙張所呈現,用於區分產品的不同。旨在快速識別產品並輕鬆實現交付。
Healthy drinks from love and care

Mid-Autumn Festival is an important traditional festival in Chinese culture, and it has a place in people’s hearts. At the same time, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also a reunion day. People will come back with cake as a souvenir to their homes to eat, reunite, and visit relatives and friends. They also eat certain foods related to the moon and reunion. These foods are also used for worship. For example, Chinese (Han), Vietnamese (Jing), and Ryukyu people all have the custom of eating moon cakes.
With such a demand, competition between packaging and publicity among the major cake shops is intense. Over the years now, we have seen many packaging designs emerging one after another. Each brand tries to reach a different type of design to increase sales.
One of our customers – Taiwan’s engaged by making pastry and sales that require a packaging design that is “unique” for its products. We propose a non-traditional Chinese concept that is designed to launch its own packaging design and to enhance the Chinese market as well as the young market. 
The packaging vision is drawn by the elemental analysis of the solar system, which constitutes a simple and powerful message that constitutes the importance of “the gift from the distant universe” as “precious” behind the product. Gold and platinum are the main colors of the package, to bring out the vision of exudes modern, artistic and humorous images.
We aim to position the package between quality and collectibles. To achieve the goal, we decide to used metal-like paper under Arjowiggings’ and Alchemy collection. As a finishing detail, we decided to use hot stamping to add layers to certain areas of the box. For each product, it has its particularity, so different boxes have different colors of paper to distinguish the difference between the products so the design of the product can be delivered and quickly identify.

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