Pistacchio Cake 綠皮開心果蛋糕

綠皮開心果 – 位於台灣台南的府中街巷內的一家義式冰淇淋店,在一次品嚐義式開心果冰淇淋的過程中,愛上開心果獨特的風味,期望將這份口味帶回台灣分享,於是創辦了品牌-綠皮開心果,衷於呈現食材原味的手拉胚冰淇淋,而如今冰淇淋產品發展穩定、成熟,品牌逐漸跨界至甜點,期望以同樣精神分享給消費者們。
Green Pistachio -Green Pistachio
An Italian ice cream shop located in the streets of Fuzhong in Tainan, Taiwan. After test taste of the Pistachio ice cream, I fell in love with the unique flavor of pistachio. Hoping to bring this unique flavor of ice cream back to Taiwan to share with more people, so on founded a brand and named it Green Pistachio. To present the hand-held embryo ice cream from the original taste of the raw ingredients, the ice cream is developing smoothly and maturely. The brand is also moving across to dessert and hoping the spirit of green pistachio ice cream can be share with the customer as well. We’ve made the first Ring Cake image packaging with the existing brand image combined with some simple text as the layout and fixed in with some interesting logo. We aim to present a simple and generous but yet interesting visual design.

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