Nutrifull 富樂膳飲品

Healthy drinks from love and care

Our customers care for cancer and silver-haired people all the year round, and establish foundations. At the same time, they actively cooperate with Taiwanese medical institutes and food research institutions to continuously improve cutting-edge innovative knowledge and R&D technology. Developed nutritional supplement beverages and functional nutrition products, mainly for those who cannot eat normally or have difficulty eating, those who need nutritional care before and after surgery, and those who need a low-cholesterol and low-sodium diet
And we were commissioned to assist in the design of the product image packaging. We used a large number of color blocks to present the simplified vision of the liquid flow and various raw materials. With the elegant Japanese image, we attracted the target group and expected them to drink healthy and delicious.

Project Info

  • Categories:企業形象識別, 包裝設計, 品牌設計規劃