Good Spring 好春燕窩

春 – 即為新的開始,有好運之意。          
Goodspring hopes to convey a new life style, love yourself and love your family, starting with a bottle of bird’s nest every day.
In recent years, People’s pursuit and attention to health and externality have continued to increase. Under such a trend, health care from the inside out is bound to be particularly important. We also hope that the benefits of eating bird’s nest for maintaining internal and external bodies will be conveyed to more ethnic groups. know.

Bird’s nest is a maintenance food to maintain youthful beauty and good health.
We put forward a concept of “time”, taking the image of time as a visual. Purple is the main color of the brand, because we use this color to convey a modern and noble feeling. As a visual detail, we decided to use hot stamping to add layers to the main area of the box to convey the image of “time”.

Project Info

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