Dream Life Dried Fruit 陽光菓菓 – 夢想人生果乾

陽光菓菓 – 夢想人生果乾禮盒
混亂的一年改變世界,人們失去希望與夢想。 象徵希望的光與充滿活力的文字相互輝映,期許明年有一個好的開始, 擁有純粹的快樂,滿懷希望的向前;秉持信念,將這份正向能量傳遞給周遭的每個人。 將世界重新鋪上鮮豔色彩,追逐自己的夢想。
Sunnygogo – A Dream Life
A chaotic year has changed the world and people have lost their hopes and dreams. The light symbolises hope and inspiring words serve as a motivation. I look forward to a good start next year, with pure happiness and hopeful progress. I shall also uphold the faith and pass along this positive energy to everyone around me. I wish to inspire the world with bright colours and remind them to continue chasing their dreams.

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