Dian Yan Zhi 點胭脂美妝蛋

美,來自感受 ; 美,也藏於日常。

DIAN YAN ZHI Branding | 點胭脂品牌設計

點胭脂 – 從事美妝用品製作和銷售,該品牌運用台灣傳統化妝詞彙,讓台灣消費者有親切感,並在視覺上融入台灣特色符號,使消費者有歸屬感 ,並讓台灣消費者感到信心,走出台灣自己的美妝特色;未來期望融入更多台灣特色元素符碼,推出市面上特殊並能讓消費者耳目一新的全新商品。​​​​​​​


Beauty, comes from feeling ; Beauty, also hidden in our daily life. 

In the pass of Taiwan, beauty products ever classified by the government as the most luxurious products with high taxes, and the makeup also consider a noble act. After the economic take-off in the 1970s, with the increase of consumption power, makeup has become a proper etiquette for modern women first entering the workplace. Since the 1990s, make up has become a part of life for women. In addition to the cultural input from Europe, the United States, Japan, or Korea, Taiwan is also known as one of the unique value of “Local Beauty around the world.
DIAN YAN ZHI – Engaged in the production and sales of beauty products, we implement a whole new brand image of the packaging design.
Due to Taiwan’s Traditional makeup vocabulary, most of the product brand image is more friendly to Taiwan users. So we’ve decided to add some of the Taiwan characteristics into our vision to make our consumers feel more friendly towards the product also to make our consumers have more confidence in our product as well as make Taiwan Beauty Products have their features.
In the future, we also hope our consumer will feeling more friendly to our products with the Taiwan characteristic elements and we also expected to launch a series of brand new yet refreshing products which they have never seen in the Taiwan market. 

Classic and Elegant

The visual expectation of the packaging design is to present the image of Taiwan in the earliest year when modern women are wearing makeup by the window. We turn the dynamic vision of the women wearing makeup through the windows into illustrations and mixed with modern aesthetic art to make the product closely to people’s hearts. In terms to make the product style to be more unique and easy clarification, we’ve added a hot stamping effect on the product and color of the clothing. ​​​​​​​
To achieve the effect, the packaging structure is different from the plastic packaging compared to those selling on the market. Once open the packaging, we regard to present the products as a presentation of art to our consumer. In consideration of the process of transportation, we also keep track of the delivery test back and forth. The purpose is to stabilize the product during the transportation process and also make sure our consumers receive not only a practical product but also the local spirit of Taiwan.

Project Info

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