Bird’s Nest & Milk 龍夫人燕窩燉奶



LONG FU REN is a bird’s nest brand in Taiwan. It has an exclusive ecological and environmentally friendly bird’s nest house. It provides a good environment for the growth of swallows. It is equipped with professionals to regularly record the growth cycle of the little swallows. 150 professional hair pickers follow the ancient method to pick hair. A bird’s nest is harvested and produced without others’ hands, and we insist on it, just for the food safety of every customer. Providing high-quality bird’s nest products has made Mrs. Long’s bird’s nest a healthy choice for young urban women and pregnant women in recent years.
The product released this time is bird’s nest stewed milk. We set its tone as “light and luxurious life”, combining the charm of serif fonts and the special gold printing.
Convey that each pot of stewed milk represents the intention and persistence of the producer, only providing the highest quality products and savoring life.

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