O'paris Pâtisserie 歐巴黎法式甜點喜餅禮盒


O'paris Pâtisserie bride cake
Handmade wedding cakes from French, combined with handmade cookies made from local food, give the newlyweds an elegant and romantic gift box full of love and heart.
For the gift box design, it is necessary to consider the favorite vision of "elders" and "newlyweds" to achieve a balance, integrate the representative national flower of France into the packaging vision, and make different levels of detail processing on the packaging to convey the image of generosity and joy, and invite family and friends to participate together. Such a romantic wedding.

專案類型 Type | 包裝 Packaging
專案年份 Year | 2021
製作單位 Production | K9 Design
商業攝影 Photographer | Whitehand studio

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