The founder practiced martial arts when he was young to build a strong physique, but it also left sore and old wounds. When staying in "Jinmen Taiwu Mountain", he heard that the local folk prescription "Jinmen Yigen" has been effective for soreness, rheumatism, and bruises since ancient times. He planted it himself and tested it with his own old injuries. Successfully cured my old illness, and helped the elders in the family to get rid of the pain. In order to share this unique recipe with more people, the founder combined ancient prescription pharmacology with modern technology to develop a variety of uses for the roots, and founded "Golden Taiwu" to promote it. At present, the main customer group is in the middle and senior ages, and the visual design of the products is relatively old and popular; in order to expand the young customer group, a series of new products have been launched recently, hoping to expand the young group. In addition to improving the quality of the packaging design, it is also in line with the aesthetics of young people. Hope to retain the charm of traditional culture.

有效、正宗、健康幸福、華人養生 金太武秉持「傳承創新,健康生活」的理念,持續專研傳統中藥結合現代生技保健, 為長者治癒痠痛疾病;為年輕人提早保健預防,創造更健康的生活品質。

自然,就是本來的樣子。 本來是什麼樣,就是什麼樣,不強求,不刻意,不矯揉造作,萬事萬物本有的自性真如。

自古以來山石的畫法無非是勾勒,皴、擦、點、染。 是水墨畫特有的繪畫技巧和符號化的形式語言;它既具象,又抽象;它可以表現具象的畫家也可以通過它表現自己特有的審美取向和精神氣質。

專案類型 Type | 包裝 Packaging
專案年份 Year | 2020
客戶 Client | 金太武一條
製作單位 Production | K9 Design
藝術指導 Art Director | 林委呈 Kevin Lin
設計 Designers | 林委呈 Kevin Lin
書法 Calligraphy | 汪庭楷 Ting Kai Wang
攝影 Photographer | Férguson Lin

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