HANAMORI Pearl Powder

Hanamori is all about beauty and personal care primarily for women. Founded in 2020 by a Malaysian-Taiwanese beauty enthusiast-cum-entrepreneneur, Hanamori inspires modern womenand young girls to love themselves. Its debut product, the Pearl Powder, is an ancient beauty secret of Asia, revered as one of the top tonic herbs for its medicinal and anti-aging properties that promotes skin beauty, sleep and wound healing.

Just like that, the Hanamori brand is built on a philosophy that is simple and pure. Set to launch in the last quarter of 2020, Hanamori will use only organic ingredients from growers it trusts and aims to unveil its line of personal care products as awareness of the brand grows.

Tsubaki has created a unique identity for Hanamori that is a hybrid of Malaysian and Taiwanese design with a modern take on a Japanese word. For starters, “hanamori” means “guard; protect; defend” and it refers to the person who guards flowers (especially cherry blossoms). However, in the case of Hanamori the brand, the word is a combination of “hana”, which means “flower” and “mori” comes from “mori-mori”, meaning “lots of vitality”. The bird of paradise flower is chosen to represent the brand image as it is the founder’s mother’s favourite flower. 

The bird of paradise or otherwise known as strelitzia reginae is a native Malaysian summer plant that grows during most times of the year. These flowers look grand, gorgeous and glamorous in bright orange and blue; it’s no wonder they are preferred at big functions and on auspicious days such as the Chinese New Year. Beyond beauty, they are a symbol of joy and freedom. 

The logo is set in a san-serif typeface and full caps, where the letters are placed slightly apart from each other. Each letter is special and shall be treated so, which is why self-respect and self-love are two things Hanamori cares about. To be able to have the space to grow and enjoy the process is very important to everyone. The outcome of the logo is one that looks effortless and classic, with a postmark icon that spells out the brand name in Chinese.


Jay Lim & Michelle Ku

Kevin Lin

Ferguson Chang​​​​​​​
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