Dewy Secret DDUP 蜂王乳豐胸食品

Dewy Secret is committed to making the world healthier. In recent years, Taiwanese health foods have been favored by young women. Dewy Secret wants to allow consumers to live a sustainable and healthy life without sacrificing product quality or compromising on habits, taste or price.
In life, everyone wants to be a better person, maintain themselves, and find their own way of life.

專案類型 Type | 包裝 Packaging
專案年份 Year | 2021
客戶 Client | 黛薇膚生技
製作單位 Production | K9 Design
包裝設計 Packaging Designer | Kevin Lin
商業攝影 Photographer | Férguson Lin
影片設計 Video |  Qian Yi Yang
音樂配置 Music |  Benjamin Hong​​​​​​​

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