Dewy Secret Collagen

The founder is keen to provide high-quality health care products suitable for healthy consumption. In recent years, Taiwanese health foods have been favored by young women.
The packaging image this time is composed of abstract elements in pink tones, and the main vision is presented on the can with a font that spells the brand name.
Pass this fascinating vision to the joy of eating the product, and simply take care of yourself to keep you young and beautiful.
The text on the can body is processed by hot stamping to present the overall texture, and holes are dug in the upper cover to increase the practicality, making it more than just a work of art.

專案類型 Type | 包裝 Packaging
專案年份 Year | 2021
客戶 Client | 黛薇膚生技
製作單位 Production | K9 Design
包裝設計 Packaging Designer | Kevin Lin
商業攝影 Photographer | Férguson Lin

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